The 18th Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness (APCG)

Keynote Speakers

University of California, Berkeley

Enhancers and Inhibitors of Lifespan Development in Talent Domains: Examples from Science and Music

Tohoku University

Biological and Developmental Origins of Neurodiversity

University of Regensburg, Germany

Attracting and Developing STEMM Talent Towards Excellence and Innovation via (Online) Mentoring and (Global) Networking

steAm, Inc. / Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition

What is “Creative steAm Talents”? – how can we cultivate the 21st century skills?! –

Western Kentucky University

Implementing the Global Principles for Professional Learning in Gifted Education

Kansai University

Providing Individualized Optional Learning Support for Gifted Students Experiencing Difficulty in Japan

Gifted Policy Center, KAIST Global Institute For Talented Education

Uncovering the Hidden Talents: Recognizing Giftedness in Underprivileged Students

Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education

Supporting the Needs of 2e Students: A Strength-Based Perspective

Workshop Speakers

Jagadis Bose National Science Talent Search

Workshop 1 (optional): Peers in the lives of Gifted and Talented Students

(30 people max Sold Out )

Graduate School of Human Development and Environent, Kobe University

Workshop 2 (optional): Teacher competencies on gifted education and their development in pre- and in-service teacher education

(30 people max)

Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland

Workshop 3 (optional): Designing Appropriate Online Learning Experiences for Gifted Student

(30 people max Sold Out )

一般社団法人 日本スクールワイド・エンリッチメント・モデル協会
Japan SEM Association

Workshop 4 (optional): 家庭で実践できるSEM(全校拡充モデル)の拡充三つ組モデル
Workshop 4 (optional): Ouchi SEM, the Enrichment Triad Model for out-of-school learning*

(30 people max)