The Executive Committee Members of the Asia-Pacific Federation on Giftedness (APFG) visited the APCG 2024 conference site and held an international symposium

The 18th Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness (APCG 2024), to be held in Japan in August 2024, is a biennial conference organised by the Asia-Pacific Federation on Giftedness (APFG).

On 9 and 10 December, Prof Ching-Chih Kuo (National Taiwan Normal University), Dr Man Tak Yuen (The University of Hong Kong,), Dr Quek Chwee Geok (Ministry of Education), Prof Kyungbin Park (Gachon University) and Dr Jae Yup Jared Jung (University of New South Wales) visited Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, where the conference will be held, to inspect the venue and hold an international symposium. Prof. Sumida of Ehime University, APFG Executive Committee Member and APCG2024 Conference Chair, Prof. Hayashi of Kagawa University and Prof. Chiba of Ochanomizu University, Vice-Chairs of the Organising Committee, and Dr. Fujisawa of Kagawa University, Dr. Lassila of Kobe University, Dr. Kuroda of Shizuoka University, Organising Committee and international students of Ehime University participated as hosts.

The Executive Committee Members presented and discussed the trends in their respective regions/countries and specific guidelines from their areas of expertise under the theme of ‘International Symposium on Teacher Training and Professional Development for the Education of the Gifted and Talented in the Asia-Pacific Region’ at Kagawa University. They also visited Takamatsu Daiichi High School, a Super Science High (SSH) school, to observe Japan’s cutting-edge science and mathematics education. Additionally, they participated in making udon noodles and enjoyed a cultural experience by taking a ferry to Shodoshima Island. Blessed with good weather, the two-day trip was a fulfilling experience.